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Best Of Me: A Billionaire Single Father, Second Chance Romance (Savannah’s Best)

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“The OW rage…
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(May 9, 2024)

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Best Of Me: A Billionaire Single Father, Second Chance Romance (Savannah’s Best)

  1. Cindy M

    Wow this book was really good. Gabriel sure screwed up and is lucky he won Aurora back. This is a good example of a man wanting to do the right thing for is child, but in the wrong way. Especially when you have a toxic ex wife. Read Best of Me it is a classic love story with a twist. As always Maya Alden kicks it out of the park.

  2. Kindle Customer

    A book about a girl who falls in love with a divorced father who has a daughter sabatoging there romance due to his ex and him realizing he lost a wonderful woman because of it.

  3. MaumelleReader

    Dreadful MMC and damaged FMC. I truly wished she had kept on walking away. This guy was just too messed up to be in a relationship. Circumstances weren’t to blame, the MMC’s personality was to blame.

  4. Bookomaniac

    he sometimes still acts like a selfish, cruel pr*ck.


    * MF
    * Savannah, Georgia
    * wealthy, divorced dad from high society family
    * owner of fancy hotel chain
    * manipulative, money-hungry ex-wife
    * 13 year old daughter caught between them
    * self-made architect MFC
    * abandonment issues ( awful parents)
    * interracial, inter-class relationship
    * H says several cruel unforgivable things to h in beginning
    * his parents, brother, cousin, friend all smite him
    * she has supportive friends and co-workers
    * H makes life changes with daughter and ex-wife
    * family counseling
    * H works to win h back, slow dating ( only a smidge of bbs )
    * ex-wife is physically and emotionally abusive to H and daughter
    * H and h learn how to be in a healthy relationship
    * h saves daughter from ex-wife’s abuse
    * H and h team up for new hotel – office romance
    * h – found family in H’s family
    * Building a new home ( literally and figuratively)
    * HEA

  5. Elle

    I loved that Maya made Aurora a blend of cultures even though she had many issues. Aurora and Gabe were already together at the start of this book. Then something happened and they broke up. Maya takes you on the journey of them finding their way back to each other. There were interesting side characters that will keep your interest as well. This book had everything drama, angst, sadness, laughter and spice. Add this book to your TBR you will not be disappointed.

  6. Jill Brindle

    If you have been hankering for an evil OW this book will deliver. The story starts with our two main characters already in a relationship and in love with each other. However, the hero Gabe keeps abnormally close ties with his ex-wife(not emotionally or sexually) for the sake of their 13 year old daughter. The daughter, Sophia, makes it known that she wants her parents to stay together(there is more to it, but you need to read the book) and only plays nice with the heroine Aurora when Daddy is around. Gabe has made it clear that his daughter comes first and when he decides to choose his daughter over Aurora, he does it in such an unnecessary cruel way that even friends and family second guess what kind of man he is. Much of the book is him trying to get back in the good graces of the heroine, Aurora. Aurora has had a lifetime of never being a priority to anyone, so the road ahead for Gabriel is a tough one.

    Things I liked:

    Gabe’s family is wonderful. Although they are a wealthy southern family, they are not snobby and pretentious. I am hopeful that Raphael, the brother, will get his own story. I would even like a prequel of Gabe’s parents(maybe there is one out there, I plan on checking)

    The friends: Both Aurora and Gabriel have some supportive, funny friends. Maya Alden did an excellent job introducing them to the reader with just enough of a tease so the reader will want to see these characters get their own story.

    Changes: Characters had to heal and change along the way. Of course, there is always one who can’t seem to get onboard.

    Overall, a great story with sprinkling of angst, good loving, and some WTH moments! I look forward to the rest of the stories in the series.

  7. Diedra Price

    I loved this book so much. Gabe’s ex wife was manipulative to her own daughter. This just made me believe she didn’t love anyone but herself. And the way Gabe treated Aurora and the terrible things he said to her? It made me want to jump into the pages and slap Gabe. So glad that Aurora made it hard for Gabe to have back but I’m also glad they did get back together

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