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Camino Ghosts: A Novel


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Doubleday (May 28, 2024)

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May 28, 2024



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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Camino Ghosts: A Novel

  1. Roselady

    As always, every May we anticipate the release of John Grisham’s latest book release….and as always, his latest, Camino Ghosts, doesn’t disappoint. In our opinion, the gentleman was, is and we hope will continue to be a master storyteller.

    As always, his stories inevitably immerse his readers into some aspect of the law and judicial systems. Lovely Jackson, the last remaining descendent of those who survived the slave trade of the past on a coastal barrier island, is the central figure of this story. Her story and of those before her are told. Her fight to preserve burial grounds from desecration and development and ownership of an island are what are at risk.

    This book is not a light hearted summer beach read.

    In the real world, humans horrifying treatment of each other during captivity and enslavement throughout various civilization’s is well documented. Atrocities unimaginable. This book, while fictional, borrows from real world history and graphically describes events from the past. Those portions of the book are the only ones I didn’t want to read. There were horrifying acts of violence committed.

    Humans inhumanity to each other…….Pray that we all do better in the real world……..Pray that we all learn to love one another and treat each other as we would like to be treated

    As always, John Grisham’s books can make you think and ponder over answers to questions that almost inevitably come to mind when reading…..heres to hoping we can/will always try to find the right/good answers and always do better than we have.

  2. Vijay Jeedigunta

    The Best By Grisham in Recent Times. With His Exceptional Story Telling Abilities Grisham Keeps You Glued To The Book Till You Have Read The Last Page. This is Not Just A Legal Thriller, But A Combination of It With Historical Fiction and Human Drama. My Eyes Were Moist While Reading the Last Chapters. By the Time We Finish Reading It
    We Are Bound To Fall In Love With All The Central Characters of The Book, Especially With Lovely Jackson. Yes Grisham, Named Her Lovely For A Reason. She Will Haunt Us For Sure For Couple of Days.

    This is His Third Book Of The Camino Island Series And The Best Of The Three In My Opinion. The Central Characters of The Story Bay Books Owner Bruce Cable & Budding Author Mercer Mann Takes The Central Stage Again. The Subplots Does Deal with Legal Battles and The Book Publishing Industry Again With Most of The Camino Island Folks Appearing Once Again. However The Main Plot – The Last Of The Descendants and An Octogenarian’s Fight To Preserve The Graves Of Her African Ancestors Who Were Brought Into America As Slaves in 1700s who along with Escaped Slaves Survive To Setup A Colony For Themselves and Lived and Died On An Island Called Dark Isle Without Any Interaction With The Outside World – Is Really Captivating.

    Grisham Proves Again Why He Is A Master Story Teller. Under the Guise of a Legal Thriller, With his Exceptional Writing Skills He Not Only Keeps The Readers Interested All Through The Book But also makes them more Knowledgeable to give lot of thought On Many Topics Like Slavery, Explosion Of Commercial Developments and Their Influence On Political and Legal Systems, Non Profit Agencies Work and Book Publishing Industry etc.,

    There Is A Lot More.. If You Are Grisham Fan Like Me, Grab A Copy And Start Reading. If Not, Then Also.. Grab A Copy And Start Reading. You Will Become One.

  3. Paratrim1

    Camino Ghosts is really a misnomer. The subject is Dark Isle, and there are no ghosts, but there are spirits. The action takes place on Camino Island among the friends of Bruce Cable, the North Florida Island’s bookseller. These characters were introduced in the 2 previous Camino books. As the story unfolds,a plot is discovered by a big Miami developer to acquire an inhabited Island just across the bay. The local environmental lawyer learns that a local 80 year old woman, Lovely Jackson, had self-published her story and learns that she is the last survivor of the descendants of escaped slaves. The African shaman had cursed the Island for White men. There is a legal struggle to save the Island by awarding it to Lovely. In the end the good guys win and racial justice is victorious. A great summer read, and quite a comeback after a disappointing last book.

  4. FunnyPatS

    I have a love/hate relationship with Grishom. Some books I finish quickly but am truly satisfied ( although sad) when the book is over. Other books I want to throw across the room because after writing an amazing story you can sense Grishom’s impatience to end it and there’s a seemingly lack of focus and confusion. Camino Ghosts Delivers on Every level of what makes me love Grishom! Excellent story. Fabulous characters. Great pacing. Satisfying conclusion. It helps if you know the characters from the other books in the series but if you don’t, you can easily enjoy the story as a standalone. I finished this in one day! Well done Mr Grisham. Well done.

  5. Kindle Customer

    Yes. This book is about a legal case. And yes it is a continuation of the Camino Island series. But this is a work of historical fiction. The main character is the last descendant of a line of Africans enslaved in America. Dark Island, a fictional island off Camino Island in the Florida Keys was a refuge of the slaves. And another character is Nalia, taken from her family in Africa 3 hundred years ago. Nalia’s story is passed down over the years and becomes the basis of this story. I enjoyed this book and it was a fast read.

  6. Maureen

    The third book of Camino Island rises Mercer to number one in non fiction books as she tells the story of MS Lovely Jackson. She wrote a book about her descendants on Dark Isle an island near Camino Island that was a home for African slaves who were free. Lovely tells Mercer all that she could remember about her ancestors so she could have a history of the slaves that were free. She had to go to court to prove she was the owner of Dark Isle. A large conglomerate wanted to be a casino and condos on the island. After a long battle Lovely won her case and Mercer was able to finish her book. Twist and turns in the book make it interesting and keeps you intrigued.

  7. FunnyPatS

    I am a huge John Grisham fan and enjoyed the first 2 Camino books but this one just blew me away. I was riveted from beginning to end. I only read on my kindle at night when in bed. I didn’t want to go to sleep so I could keep reading. Finished it in 3 nights. Hands down my favourite book of this series. Bravo!!

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