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Then She Was Gone: A Novel

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The Love of My Life: A GMA Book Club Pick (A Novel)

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Penguin Books (January 17, 2023)




384 pages





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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for The Love of My Life: A GMA Book Club Pick (A Novel)

  1. MN reader

    Love the writer’s style, the tenderness, compassion, and humor of a gripping and engaging story. Sprinkled with humor and horror. Enjoyed every minute of this book.

  2. Paige Gay

    Emma and Leo are, by all appearances, a loving married couple; she a biologist, he an obituary writer. They dote on young daughter, Ruby, walk dog James, and cherish one another’s idiosyncrasies.

    Except everything Emma has told Leo is a lie.

    Emma has just recently beaten cancer, and, because of her low level of fame as a television presenter, the news outlet for which Leo works wants an obituary on file should something unexpected happen, a common practice. And so Leo begins to mine her past for details of her life.

    What starts as an innocent exercise turns into a realization that Leo has no idea who he is married to and what she’s been doing. And as her secrets begin to surface, Leo will find that he’s not the first love of her life.

    It’s an enjoyable thriller with low stakes, but what I loved most is the style of prose. It’s intimate and pulls you in like a whisper, making you immediately invested. The surprise isn’t hard to figure out, but the twists continue and your investment in the couple is real. I always forget to read these kinds of books but this was a great reminder.

  3. “Sherry”

    You think you’re done midway through but the novel is only half over. The real story is still to come. This is a terrific novel about deception, grief, but ultimately about love. My concluding remark: Wow! A terrific story.

  4. Cindylouwho

    Well written, good plot line. Not predictable. Wonderful characters. Highly recommend. Enjoyed it very much. Want to see what else this author has penned

  5. warbler

    I would give this book 4 stars, but the ending is frustrating. What happened? The ending seems rushed and doesn’t tie up a huge loose end. The book is well written and has an interesting story. The detailed information about crabs and such was not necessary, and I rushed through those parts. The book kept my interest, but it wasn’t something that I rushed to read at night.

  6. Paige Gay

    Great book but My book is missing 22 pages! It obviously is a miss print run of the book but now it’s over the time I’m able to return the book. Please help Amazon!!! It ends at page 278 and the next page is 311. See photo. Help please.

  7. readerrunnermom

    It sure had me wondering what was going to happen. I couldn’t
    lay it down and that’s a sign of a good book. Leo was a bit too naive and good to be true, but all in all, I loved the book.

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