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The Paper Palace (Reese’s Book Club): A Novel

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Riverhead Books, Reprint edition (April 19, 2022)




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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for The Paper Palace (Reese’s Book Club): A Novel

  1. Debbie Phillips

    This book was pretty good. I enjoyed the flashbacks ant the present day storylines. I loved the character development as well. However, I felt some areas left me hanging in regards to what happened. I need closure!!!

  2. Ashley

    One of the best books I’ve read all year. Definitely the best of Reese’s book club that I have read. I tend to read thrillers/mysteries so a novel about a love story is not my usual go-to. Miranda Howley Keller is a beautiful writer. Funny, descriptive, poetic. There is a strong maternal theme which will have any reader with mom issues understanding. The generational gap is a running theme and placed wonderfully throughout the book as we traveled through the 60s through the 90s and into the present. All of the characters are likeable, especially Eleanor the narrator. She is flawed yet relatable. I could see how the dark subjects such as adultry and child abuse could trigger some readers. But the author navigated the drama realistically and heroically for Eleanor in the end. It leaves you to decide. I absolutely adored this book and wish she had a sequel.

  3. Paulo Roberto Feldmann

    A escritora confundi o leitor com tanta falta de objetividade

  4. Heidi Bette

    Beautifully written, wow. Some of the lines I read over and over because they were so profound. Yes, some of the subject matter is difficult. I thought the ending was quite clear! I guess it is what you want it to be. Best book I’ve read in a long time. Hope they make it into a movie!

  5. Cyndi Biltoft

    I started out not enjoying this story; with some graphic scenes in the beginning, I thought, “oh, is it going to be THIS kind of book” (that I’m not interested in). But kept at it, and soon became hooked in. Everyone grows up with different experiences, and the main character and her family had their share of twists, turns, and unexpected outcomes. In many cases, you may have thought, “I would never have done/thought this”, “why didn’t she/they do this?”, “how would I handle this, if it were me?” And trying not to be judgmental of he main character or her family. And everyone seems to look for an ending to a novel that kind of wraps things up; comes to some conclusion, or… I read the ending several times, and interpreted it in my own way. No matter how the story ended, it was sure to upend normalcy and shake up the lives of all. I thought it was very thought provoking, and again, wondered “what would I have done?” I thought the novel was well written and would definitely recommend giving it a read.

  6. sharon miller

    I found that The Paper Palace is a meticulously detailed and constructed story, that paints a vivid picture of life and emotion. It takes you through the deepest perspectives that the protagonist/her family experience throughout their lives, back and forth in time. The author creates an atmosphere that feeds a deep sea of emotions, nostalgia, and heartbreak, all while wanting to be left with hopefulness. The characters are raw, realistic, and make you question different decisions/perspectives/situations.
    The ending leaves you wanting more; to know what happens after it ends. It may been seen as unsatisfying to some, but I found it to be fully intentional, as to put you in the same shoes of the protagonist.
    I’m giving it 4.5/5, only because the details sometimes became muddy and hard to follow at times, but otherwise provided a vivid story. It is definitely something you need some tissues for, as well as the understanding that it is triggering (concerning childhood abuse), and almost leaves you with a sense of longing.

  7. N. Lee

    (Spoilers) This book got a lot of hype, so I gave it a shot and had really mixed feelings. While the writing is beautiful and the story is compelling, the main character, Elle, is kind of an a-hole. The young Elle can be somewhat forgiven, and is definitely a sympathetic character based on the sexual abuse she suffers as a child by the young man her step-father brings into her life. Adult Elle was somewhat incomprehensible to me. That said, I do love flawed, dark characters. I just never felt like the author quite bridged the past and present in a way that made me understand and appreciate Elle’s character.

    The story revolves around the past death of her abuser (which she has a hand in), and her present love for her childhood best friend. Elle is married with a family, and so is he, but for some reason, years after they never quite connect as young adults, he’s decided he’s going to seduce her, and she’s ready to be seduced. At the family lakehouse. With the families nearby. Which is fun enough as a plot point, but I found myself rooting against her having either her childhood love OR her perfectly wonderful husband as the book went on. She treats them both terribly, and it really isn’t ever clear what either of these men see in her. I just couldn’t get past that point – why are these guys even in love with this woman?

    There are also a few scenes where things happen that are so unbelievable or gratuitous that I felt irritated. (The fooling around in/out of the beach tent with the families feet away scene comes to mind. Yeah, right.)

    That said, I did finish the book. The beautiful prose and the will they/won’t they question were enough to pull me through. I can see why this would be book club fiction. The plot is compelling, the character is debatable, there is a somewhat open question to the ending that is worth discussing.

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