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Those Empty Eyes: A Chilling Novel of Suspense with a Shocking Twist

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The Summer House: The Classic Blockbuster from the Author of Lion & Lamb

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The Teacher

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Poisoned Pen Press (February 6, 2024)




400 pages





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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for The Teacher

  1. stefni tha beast reader

    Eve and Nathaniel perfect couple or it seemed; however there were secrets in this small town. Both teachers at Caseman High school and Nate was top 5 hottest teachers. New year, Adeline returns and with previous issues, she’s shunned. Kenzie and her crew are the bullies and once bff’s with Hudson, that’s over, he’s hangin with Kenzie.
    When one teacher gives her grace and attention the perfect story is being created for Addie. Eve notices this marriage is not working so she has Jay on the side but will this pass?
    This definitely had my mouth wide open at the end! Loved every bit of this story and how exposed mental health, pedophilia and when parents don’t have that relationship with their kids, how close-mouthed they can be and turn to the wrong person!

  2. YZPat

    As a former high school English teacher, I was quite interested in this book. I was not disappointed. The story involves vacant of characters so well developed that I feel I know them. Eve Bennett is a major character. She teaches Math, loves her job, and plays by the rules. Married to Nate, she is experiencing broke doubts about her relationship. Then, there is Nate Bennett, also a teacher. He teaches English, supervises the school newspaper, a poetry book, feels good about his marriage, and loves his job. Eddie is a high school student who has had a troubled life. Nate tries to help her. There is also police detective Sprague, a boy named Hudson who becomes embroiled innocently, a girl named Misty who is also troubled, and a couple of mothers who have no clue. Now, you put all of the s folks together, each doing their job, and you have a novel so interesting and a plot so unbelievable and you have a fascinating read. By the way, nothing like this happened at my school!

  3. Tianna M. Ewing

    The Teacher is a fictional story that follows the relationship between Addie Severson, Nathaniel Bennett, and Eve Bennett. Eve and Nathaniel are an average teacher couple, struggling to make ends meet, especially with Eve having an expensive shoe fetish. Nathaniel is the lead of the poetry club and he develops a deep love for students who write. Addie is the odd one out, a castaway student who was mixed up in a scandal the previous year. All three of them encounter one another throughout the book, with Addie and Eve never seeing eye to eye in the classroom. The story moves quickly and the reader tries to figure out who is truly the bad guy in the novel.

  4. Fuzzarilly

    I really look forward to reading all of Freida McFadden books that I can get my hands on. This book was no different. From the beginning, I couldn’t put this book down, but as I was getting toward the end of this book I wasn’t too sure I liked this one as much as I did all of her other ones that I’ve read so far. It may be because the subject matter just hit a little too much closer to home for me. It was still a really good book when I stepped back and thought about it. I do have to say that it brought a couple of tears to my eyes. But as I said, I think it was because of my own situation I was in years ago. Freida McFadden is a tremendous writer, though!

  5. amanda berrey

    I was definitely not disappointed by this one. I’ve read two other books by McFadden and I wasn’t over the moon with either of them so I was convinced she just wasn’t for me but THIS proved me wrong. This was amazing. I will definitely be checking out more of her books after this one. I was in shock at the twists. There were twists left and right and like 0 loose ends which is so nice! At the beginning I hated all the characters but through the book I grew more and more respect for Addie. I am glad she wasn’t completely decimated as a character because I hate it when authors try so hard to make all the characters hatable. You have to have at least one likable character to have a good book. Yes the bad characters are very important too but if you don’t like any of the characters then you have zero care as to what happens to them. I am really happy with the way this one ended. I called one of the twists but I missed the others

  6. Bruce and Kathy O’Gorman

    Addie starts the new school year trying to live down rumors and back talk about her previous school year. Meanwhile, Nate and Eve Bennett, a couple, both teachers, prepare to begin the year with a new group of students. And the story is a wild roller coaster ride from there.

    I thought I had things figured out about a dozen times only to find another twist that left me reading with one hand over my mouth and eyes as wide as possible. I loved The Housemaid by Freida McFadden, and didn’t think she could write anything to top it, but she just gets better and better.
    A solid five stars.

  7. gabby mejia

    After reading The Housemaid, i was itching to get to this one and although it was good, the end had me questioning a couple of things.

    The storyline was very interesting and well written. I enjoyed learning about the characters and diving into this thriller. I appreciated the characters acting their own age, for example Addie used language that only a 16yr old would use and the adults behaved as so ( at least enough to differentiate)

    i know that this question has been answered but it still does not make sense to me.
    How were eve and jay even a thing?
    The book mentions wife and kids for him and though it’s an assumption, she would’ve known he was a student ? Especially since he’s at the same HS she teaches ?
    He picked both of them up that night? How ? Addie calls at 3? So when did he pick eve up ? Had to be much after right ? Idk, the authors explanation didn’t sit well with me.

    But overall a 4 star read !

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