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Those Empty Eyes: A Chilling Novel of Suspense with a Shocking Twist

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Kensington (April 23, 2024)




432 pages





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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Those Empty Eyes: A Chilling Novel of Suspense with a Shocking Twist

  1. Marcia Kidwell

    “Those empty eyes” definitely keeps you in suspense. Although I finished earlier today I’m still it total shock. Not one of the suspects picked was NOT guilty Hours later I still thinking I don’t beleiev it, still going I don’t believe it. Total surprise, shock, etc. Definitely a must read….

  2. Amazon Customer

    Donlea not only creates amazing and chilling suspense novels , but he unfolds the elements of the story line in a way that holds the reader’s rapt attention, in a literate and intelligent way. One of the best suspense novels I’ve ever read. So many surprises. Such engaging characters. Loved this book.

  3. Coliebear919

    I found this book hard to finish. I feel like the story didn’t flow smoothly either. But I’m giving it 4 stars because the twist really got me!

  4. OMBWarrior47

    Those Empty Eyes by Charlie Donlea was the final book of the season for my local mystery book club. It has really great reviews on Amazon but for me I felt it was pretty mediocre.

    The beginning was really eventful and kept my interest. I liked the main character and thought she was credible. Most of the characters in the novel are realistic to a point and keep the novel flowing. The events are entertaining and not hard to follow. There was one character that could’ve been completely cut from the entire book and the story would’ve still made sense. But I understand why they kept her, she was the reporter that gave the book its title so she had to keep coming back around.

    I did not like the odd back and forth in this book. There were a few time jumps in the main story and then a back story from multiple points of view. Unfortunately that back story gave away who the killer was in the first and second flash backs which is what made me lose interest in the middle. I just wanted to see how she’d figure it out and wrap up the storyline. The ending isn’t really a shock if you paid attention to the flashbacks. I was surprised how many good reviews this book got, a lot of people didn’t see it coming.

    I’d recommend it for a read once, probably wouldn’t read it again.


  5. AJ Holmes

    What do people really expect your eyes to be full of when you’ve lost your entire family all in one night of tragedy that your quick thinking allowed you to survive? Everyone seems to know what happened that tragic night, yet none of them were there to witness the lost that will forever haunt Alex. Thanks to the kindness of Garrett and Jacqueline Lancaster, Alex is able to live a decent life and land a decent job. She’s done pretty well for herself, but until she finds answers for the night she’ll never forget, nothing else matters. What she’s not prepared for, though, are the answers when they’re finally revealed.

  6. DG

    Like most crime thrillers, half way in you already know the ending of the plot but all the threads in this one were intricately woven together. Usually there’s only 2-3 threads in crime thrillers but this one had like 4… I couldn’t keep track but it all came together in the end. Super satisfying.

  7. Kristina Bair

    I never saw that last few chapters coming. I feel like the middle of the book was dragged out. I was also confused on how a chapter here and there pertained to a camp. I never saw the ending coming . everything was tied up nicely in the end.

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